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Education to Grow your

Invisalign Practice

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Clear believes that malocclusion should be treated without limitation.

Clear is an Orthodontist led Team of Clinicians… not Technicians or Advisors. This elite Team of Clinicians is highly specialized in clear aligner diagnosis and treatment plan optimization. Clinically trained by Align Technology, this elite Team of Clear Aligner Experts are committed to providing you with the highest level of Clinical Expertise and 24/7/365 Clinical Education and Support to grow your Invisalign practice. Clear’s Clinical Team has over 20 years of experience, supports hundreds of doctors in over 30 countries and has optimized hundreds of thousands of Clear Aligner treatment plans. Clear is the global leader in Clear Aligner Treatment Planning Services (TPS) and is your trusted treatment planning partner. Clear looks forward to working with you. Click here to get started or click here for your FREE Case Evaluation.

Start more Invisalign cases and Treat them more Confidently

Partner with Clear and grow your Invisalign® practice. Partner with a dedicated Clear Clinician who will optimize your Invisalign treatment plans for the most predictable clinical results. The Clear Clinical and Commercial Teams have spent the last two decades providing Clinical and Commercial support to Invisalign® practices globally. Align with Clear today.

Clear and ClearTPS services are not provided by, nor affiliated with, Align Technology, Inc., the maker of Invisalign ® products and ClinCheck ® software. Invisalign ® and ClinCheck ®, among others, are registered trademarks of Align Technology, Inc. Clear and Clear Treatment Planning Solutions (ClearTPS) provide treatment planning services and clinical advice for Invisalign® trained doctors at their request and agree to all of ClearTPS terms and conditions.